Gilles Sigouin

Product Strategy, Digital Transformation and... photography


I am Gilles Sigouin a business executive with a strong experience in managing product strategy, digital transformation activities & driving technical requirements in the digital media, web services and telecommunication industries. I'm renown for my ability to analyze, simplify and present concepts. I am at my best at delivering innovative and creative solutions, and good at communicating the value to the customer. I display strong interpersonal skills that contribute to build solid relationships with my customers, partners, and colleagues. I am also very passionate about images, may they be still or in motion!

Product Strategy

Digital Media

Digital Transformation

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Product Strategy

Helping companies position their product offering to differentiate themselves in the market. Also helping with the right "Go To Market" strategy.

Digital Media

Usage of video and social media is a must for all companies. Strong from more than 10 years of creating video solutions, I help companies put in place the best solution for their needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital tools are ever present today and readily available. It can be used for better marketing initiatives, to improve processes or to train your work force. But where do you start? Is your company growth strategy ready for the digital revolution? Let me help with that.

Photography and Video

Created out of my passion for photo and video, LumaStudios offers photo and video production services. LumaStudios is also the commercial entity for my consulting services under the brand Luma Strategy.


CDN Service

Launch of a world offering innovative Content Delivery Service for Tata Communications, marking TCL entry in the media industry that will later be chosen by prestigious customer like Formula One Racing.

C2MTL Live Broadcast

Tata Communication provided the live streaming service infrastructure to broadcast live portions of the C2MTL conference to 70+ countries in the world.

Social Media Photobooth

Brand activation solution: Concept and design of a social photobooth for the Rogers Cup Tennis Tournamant.

Social Media Wall

A social media wall designed for Cirque Du Soleil, presenting realtime social media post about the show. The wall is located in the host area.

Popular Mechanic University

A solution commisionned by Hearst Magazine; An interactive video platform solution used to sell training content for the Popular Mechanic brand.

Gesture recognition interactive bus shelther

An outdoor gesture recognitipon solution to drive interaction with digital signage located on bus shelters throught the city of Montreal.


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